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Social media

Customers now expect to connect with brands via social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.). Providing social marketing initiatives and content anchors to share useful and entertaining information, means that existing and potential customers will pass that value to their networks, and advocate your brand for free. Any business that isn’t doing this, or doing it with no strategy behind it, is losing vast potential for lead generation.

Today’s customers care about what they buy, and from whom. Socially-conscious customers use social media to talk about the products and services they like, sending those endorsements to their networks. Making your customers feel a part of your brand encourages brand loyalty, and is an invaluable way to ensure they’re talking about you to their friends: potential new clients. GJA will wrap social media around your business in a unified communications package to carry you into those online communities of consumers, way beyond your own network and reach. We encourage public engagement with your online personality through a tailored social media strategy, spreading your corporate story into powerful social networks as an inexpensive brand advocacy tool. People trust their friends more than they trust your brand—so when their friends advocate your brand—your potential consumer audience goes viral.

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