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  • Shurlock product logo for Shur-Gain
  • Advertising for Shur-Gain Shurlock
  • Brochure for Shur-Gain Shurlock
  • Micro-site for Shur-Gain Shurlock


Name development, identity, direct mail, print advertising, brochure, website and contest promotion


We were asked to launch a new line of swine premix feed products for Canada’s largest animal nutrition company.


Building on Shur-Gain’s existing “Watson” computer management system for feeding hogs, GJA created the “Shurlock” brand for their newest line of pre-mix feeds. GJA used an investigative theme and the image of the famous detective in a campaign to persuade producers and the industry that Shurlock pre-mix feeds delivered better performance, less waste and higher profits. Through a coordinated communications campaign, GJA launched the brand in the marketplace and positioned Shurlock as the next generation of premix feeds. Print advertising, direct mailers, a brochure and web media supported the launch.

We created a website specifically for the product so that producers could take part in a 90-day challenge to try the feed, and be eligible to win a prize.


The Shurlock campaign was one of the most successful brand launches for the client in recent years and it helped reaffirm customer loyalty to the Shur-Gain brand. The company exceeded its sales targets for the product, and increased market share.