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Organic Horizons

  • Organic Horizons logo
  • Organic Horizons Wild Country line of high-end organic loose leaf teas
  • Organic Horizons Harvest Sun organic tomatoes packaging
  • Organic Horizons Harvest Sun boullion cube packaging
  • The Organic Horizon website design was a finalist at the 2013 Best of CAMA (Canadian Agri-Marketing Awards)


Branded collateral (letterhead, envelopes, and business cards), logo development and design, package design, sell sheets, trade show banners, post cards and website.


Organic Horizons needed to redesign their well established logo and package design and integrate them with new products that required both logo development and package design. All of the new products and logo were to be introduced on their new website.


In order to establish cohesive branding, GJA began with the corporate logo development. The new logo was to communicate the organic, holistic, fresh and healthy values and well established reputation of Organic Horizons. GJA created a fresh logo with rustic accenting that would go on to influence the rest of the design elements. In addition to the new corporate logo, we developed a new slogan “ O.H. So Natural.”

Moving on, GJA was to now redesign the Harvest Sun logo and product packaging that had long been established in the marketplace. GJA ventured to completely modernize, freshen and minimize the clutter on the current packaging while retaining product recognition. The result was a colourful and modern rustic package design.

When designing the product logo and package design for the new Wild Country line of high-end organic loose leaf teas and Canadian honey, GJA retained the modern fresh aesthetic and polished it with an elegant and ultra-chic finish. In order to pay homage to the Canadian origins of the Wild Country line each product’s logo incorporated an emblematic Canadian symbol. The Canadian goose was selected for the tea line, to conjure up the comforting scene of drinking tea while reflecting over the great Canadian wilderness. The Canadian black bear was selected for the honey line, paying respect to all the great Canadian bears with their fingers in the honey pot. The result was a package design with logo that translated the exclusive quality of these newly introduced products.

The final challenge was to now tie in all the new logo and product design elements into a new dynamic website. GJA focused on the new Organic Horizons logo with its modern and rustic accents, allowing for that to be the main influence throughout the site. A fully dynamic website displaying all the various product lines, organized and displayed with an infusion of elegant clean lines and modern rustic touches was created.


The results were immediate with increased consumer takeaway at shelf level but also increased retail distribution throughout Ontario and Quebec. Within two weeks all projected product had moved through the chain resulting in 100% sell-in. The rebranding was an immediate success with industry as well, resulting in increased listings and volume orders. It even attracted new larger retailers like Wal-Mart and Whole Foods.

In addition, the package design earned the Association of Registered Graphic Designers Award. Both the website and package design were finalists at the 2013 Best of CAMA (Canadian Agri-Marketing Awards).

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