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OnTrace Agri-Food Traceability

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Website with content management system


We were asked to provide transparency for the Ontario agri-food traceability system for producers and consumers, boost the number of visitors to their website and to engage users through consistent news updates and interactive content. Budget constraints were a factor.


Knowing that OnTrace needed to be able to update their site regularly, we designed a content management system that allowed staff to upload all information quickly and simply.

The system offered a monthly e-newsletter which is distributed to agri-food industry producers and encourages visits to the website.

The homepage offers consistent news updates, an interactive weekly poll, access to all major documents, a search function, and a corporate blog where users can post comments in response to posts.


Website visits jumped by over 30% within 30 days of the launch, and have continued to rise. The client was particularly pleased by the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.