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Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

  • Invite, program guide, ticket for annual MSAC fundraising event
  • Begging Bear sculpture
  • Website for MSAC


Direct mail brochure, auction tickets, auction program and buzz marketing


To promote the annual Macdonald Stewart Art Centre ‘Beyond The Frame’ art auction.


We were asked to entice art lovers within the community to attend a major auction and purchase art. To attract spenders, we photographed the popular and easily recognized art icon, ‘Gimmy Bear’, located at street level in front of the gallery. We suggested to our client that the art community would see this recognizable icon and immediately connect to MSAC, getting the message that something special was about to happen at the centre. We delivered a direct mailer to friends of the Centre, which featured an image of the bear wearing a red bow tie. Tickets and programming included the same visual.

To generate some buzz just before the auction, we added a jaunty, red bow tie on the bear sculpture located outside MSAC.


All tickets sold out and the auction raised over $55,000, which broke all past fundraising records for the Centre.

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