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Elora Heights Condominiums

  • Elora Heights Condominiums logo identity and sales package
  • Elora Heights Condominiums Guelph Tribune ad
  • Elora Heights Condominiums Wellington Advertiser ad
  • Elora Heights Condominiums brochure
  • Elora Heights Condominiums brochure
  • Elora Heights Condominiums handout
  • Elora Heights Condominiums suite sell sheets


Our client, Oxford Developments, required a total communications package to introduce and sell their proposed condominium development in Elora. GJA was charged with creating a name for the project, a positioning statement, all print elements, web design, onsite signage, direct marketing materials, sales office selling tools, and media planning.


To create a compelling communications plan and materials that would generate unit sales before ground breaking of the development took place.


Starting with branding, GJA developed the name Elora Heights Condominiums for the property. Next, we designed a unique logo. The major print selling piece consisted of a high quality, four colour brochure that showed the new building using comprehensive architectural drawings and floorplans as well as selling the unique heritage of the town of Elora with its pastoral lifestyle. Other campaign elements consisted of newspaper ads, handout pamphlets, direct marketing material, business cards, web design, onsite signage, window banners and sales presentation materials for their downtown sales office.


In the very first weekend the sales office was open they pre-sold five units of the twenty-six unit development. Ground breaking is scheduled to commence early in 2014.

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