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Ascencia Integrated Health
& Wellness Facility

  • Ascencia marketing communication materials
  • Ascencia marketing communication materials
  • Ascencia marketing communication materials


To develop a complete introductory communications package for a proposed integrated health & wellness facility, that included: new name, branding, location site sign, brochure, invitations, website, PR press releases, two presentation venues presentation backdrop display stand.


To design, copy write, execute and launch a totally integrated communications plan within 50 days, for the launch of a 72,000 square foot Integrated Health & Wellness Facility. The objective was to invite new tenants from doctors and other medical practitioners and industry suppliers.


We created a website, a mailing and handout brochure that was directed at medical suppliers, local press and politicians. In addition we developed a separate mailing piece and invitation to a press conference that was delivered by hand to all medical suppliers and associate companies in the Guelph and surrounding area. A separate presentation was held to address all the Doctors and Health practitioners in the Guelph area. At both venues we created a large 12 x 8 foot three dimensional display that showcased the architectural rendering of the completed building with features copy. A large 14 x 20 foot full colour site sign was created and installed on the Hanlon Expressway location to coincide with the introductory presentations. Food and beverages were made available for all who attended.


Within two weeks of the presentations, the developer had signed intent–to-lease agreements for half of the total square footage and were next going to concentrate on enlisting medical practitioners to lease as well.